Vacation ( November 7 to 27th)

Gerald and I took a three week vacation and went to visit our son in Calgary. During the three weeks we spent four days in Vegas. It was awesome!!! It was a busy but relaxing holiday.  We are back in Fogo getting ready for Christmas, hopefully there will be some snow. Presently it is rain and 9 degrees. After minus 20 temperatures in Calgary this is great.  Hope this post finds you all well and we like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014.


Moving on

After eleven years of catering to tourists and selling my Island as the place to visit I am ready to move on. We have the Bed and Breakfast for sale. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have travelled the world with my guest and now would like to be the tourist. My main reason is the grandchildren are getting older and we are about to welcome our newest grandchild. So we need the time for them now. I will still continue with my blog and promoting our Island. Until my next post take care.


I’m back

I believe it is time for me to add a new post or as one of my guest (Ruth) said “get with it”. I have just been so busy and at the end of the day I’m to tired to think. I should be sleeping as I write this. The 30th annual Brimstone Head Folk festival has just ended and what a weekend it was. The weather and the music was great. My guests for the whole weekend were super as I was so busy volunteering at the festival I never got to see them much. We started the weekend with some music on the front deck. Pictures to follow as will as a new post.

Berries, berries!!!!!!!

My favourite time of the year is here, berry picking time.  The weather is absolutely beautiful and just perfect for berry picking. I just love to stand on the hills picking berries and listen to the sounds around me. In the distance I can hear the voices of the children playing with their friends, the hum of the chainsaw as the locals get their firewood ready for winter and sounds of the ocean.

When I was berry picking yesterday I meet up with a friend of mine, Audrey, she was telling me how much she also loved berry picking. She had her little beef bucket filled with partridge berries and was filling her empter(a smaller container used by berry pickers that when filled is emptied into a bigger container). We chatted and picked and as I was leaving for home she gave me her empter of berries. She told me she had picked berries a few days ago and had given them to two women in the community who were unable to go berry picking. Audrey is such a good person.  Thank You Audrey for the berries, my guest will enjoy them!!!!

Busy, busy !!!!

It’s been such a busy summer and still continues so much so that I have not had a chance to add to my blog. When things settle down I will get out and about to do just that.  I did get a hike to Fogo Head (one of Fogo’s great hiking trails), caught the sunset as you will see from the pics below. My guests this summer are from near and far and have enjoyed our beautiful Island. To quote one guest: “this place is magical,we just love it”. I have to agree, until my next post keep smiling 🙂