Berries, berries!!!!!!!

My favourite time of the year is here, berry picking time.  The weather is absolutely beautiful and just perfect for berry picking. I just love to stand on the hills picking berries and listen to the sounds around me. In the distance I can hear the voices of the children playing with their friends, the hum of the chainsaw as the locals get their firewood ready for winter and sounds of the ocean.

When I was berry picking yesterday I meet up with a friend of mine, Audrey, she was telling me how much she also loved berry picking. She had her little beef bucket filled with partridge berries and was filling her empter(a smaller container used by berry pickers that when filled is emptied into a bigger container). We chatted and picked and as I was leaving for home she gave me her empter of berries. She told me she had picked berries a few days ago and had given them to two women in the community who were unable to go berry picking. Audrey is such a good person.  Thank You Audrey for the berries, my guest will enjoy them!!!!