Music at Peg’s B&B

When you enter the main entrance at Peg’s you are greeted by a wall that holds many photographs of the Fogo Island Accordion Group, a group that my husband Gerald Freake formed during the earlier 90’s. Although the group have moved on with their own lives Gerald still teaches the button accordion to the young and young at heart. On warm days during the summer you will find Gerald with his accordion and his friends sitting on the front or lower deck  playing for the guest or passersby.


One thought on “Music at Peg’s B&B

  1. thanks for starting this. I think you were gone when we came last time; my wife and i visited some years ago, with a friend, and were enthralled and wanted to come back (which we will this summer). We saw an article by Jim Lewis about Fogo, in the New York Times, and knew it was time to return! Can’t wait to go to Kwangtung again (a chinese restaurant on Fogo?) Can you give us contact info for them?

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