Out and about

Fogo is rich in history and if you take a stroll around town you will see that through the museums, storyboards and other historic buildings. You will also see some of these sites on your walk. Take a peek !!!



Music at Peg’s B&B

When you enter the main entrance at Peg’s you are greeted by a wall that holds many photographs of the Fogo Island Accordion Group, a group that my husband Gerald Freake formed during the earlier 90’s. Although the group have moved on with their own lives Gerald still teaches the button accordion to the young and young at heart. On warm days during the summer you will find Gerald with his accordion and his friends sitting on the front or lower deck  playing for the guest or passersby.

Lion’s Den Trail

The Lion’s Den Trail in Fogo should definitely be on your list of things to do if you visit Fogo Island. This 5.4 kilometer trail takes you to resettled communities where the beauty of those once vibrant settlements still exist. You will see lots of plant life and maybe a rabbit, fox or caribou. My sisters and I walk this trail every day (unless it’s raining) and snowshoe it in the winter as you will see from the pics below.


About my Bed & Breakfast

Peg’s B&B is called after my Mom, her name was Margaret but my Dad always called her Peg when I was a young girl growing up home. She was not known by that name outside the home. So when we put the sign “Peg’s B&B” on our house the townspeople all wondered who is Peg?, and here’s what they came up with. I have a sister Phyllis, my name is Eileen and I have a sister Genevieve so hence the name Peg’s.

Peg’s B&B

Welcome to Peg’s Bed & Breakfast situated in the beautiful town of Fogo on Fogo Island. We have been in operation for ten years. Our bed & breakfast has a wonderful view of the harbor and the fish plant. It is also within walking distances to the walking/hiking trails one of which is Brimstone Head, known as one of the four corners of the earth.(pictured in the header). The hike to the top will take about 15 minutes and the view from the top is breathtaking.Oh and the other three corners are Papua, New Guinea, Bermuda Triangle and the Greek Island of Hydra.

Hello world!

One of my guests, I should say a repeat guest Sue Newhook (she keeps coming back because she takes the room key with her) who has now become a friend suggested that I should do my own blog about Peg’s B&B. She was willing to teach me and I am glad she did. With this blog I hope to add information and pictures about Peg’s and Fogo Island that you won’t find on my web site.